Green Deal Wind Energy A16

On 20 April, the Wind Energy A16 project reached a major milestone. Together with the municipalities of Breda, Drimmelen, Moerdijk and Zundert, the province of North Brabant and 4 local foundations signed a Green Deal on comprehensive financial participation in the project. In this Green Deal it was agreed that a quarter of the building rights would accrue to local foundations. A significant share of the wind energy project’s yield thus accrues to the local community.

Never before in the Netherlands, prior to the spatial procedure, has it been assured that the local community could share in the profit from wind project yield. Nor has the scope of participation, 25% of the total yield, ever taken place on such a large scale. Bosch & van Rijn arranged for the signing of the Green Deal in close cooperation with the four municipalities, the province and advisor Martijn Messing. It shows that the participation of the local community is becoming increasingly important in the development of renewable energy projects. Solid, structured collaboration between municipalities, the province and project developers is vital.

Bosch & van Rijn will be pleased to help you prepare for the participation of your renewable project!