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There is more than enough renewable energy available and it’s waiting to be harvested. Our objective: to develop more renewable energy in the Netherlands and increase its acceptance. Energy transition means a changing landscape to which we must all become accustomed. This requires expert analysis, good communication and personal support for the local community and implementers during these changes. Together, we are working on a future that runs on renewable energy.


Missie & visie

Our mission: furthering responsible growth of renewable energy and increasing its social acceptance. We support vision and policy development, conduct technical, spatial and financial feasibility studies, handle permit procedures, draw up environmental impact assessments and provide environmental management and participation.

Renewable energy requires people. The provision of renewable energy requires more than only reliable, affordable technology. As a society, we must learn to live and work with these new forms of energy. Bosch & van Rijn combine their affinity with clean technology with the human ability to listen and cooperate.

Working at Bosch & van Rijn




Bosch & van Rijn is the leading consultancy for renewable energy in the Netherlands. In 2004, Geert Bosch and Ruud van Rijn joined forces to work with great dedication on the growth of renewable energy in the Netherlands. What began with policy advice for the integration of wind energy was expanded with spatial advice, analysis, permit procedures, communication and participation for renewable energy projects throughout the Netherlands.

Our growing team consists of 17 consultants, each with their own expertise, all dedicated to making your renewable energy endeavours a success.

Steven works on the technical aspects of wind energy such as noise, shadow flicker and
finance. He specialises in GIS analyses and has worked on several major policy studies for the
ministries of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure and the Environment.

Steven is responsible for WindStats.nl, the website concerning all the wind turbines and their
production throughout the Netherlands. To this end, he developed a method for calculating the
annual output of all existing wind turbines based on KNMI data.

Steven studied Physics and holds a Master’s in Energy Science from Utrecht University.

Steven Velthuijsen


Wouter specialises in MER (environmental effects assessments) procedures, zoning plans,
integration plans, planning and spatial development. His field of expertise is permit
management: structured and plan-oriented work related to the submission of admissible
permit applications. He supervises permit procedures, working intensively with the competent
authorities, stakeholders and the initiator. His goal: to ensure that all necessary permits can be

Wouter studied Political Science/Environmental Science in Nijmegen.

Wouter Verweij


Duco has more than 20 years of experience in communication, sustainability and renewable energy. He is engaged with strategic communication plans for wind energy policy and project development. He specialises in project communication, community and stakeholder involvement, campaigns and participation.

Duco studied Business and Management at the University of Twente and has a Master’s in International Environmental Policy from Utrecht University.

Duco van Dijk


Quinten is a landscape architect and specialized in the landscape related issues regarding renewable energy projects.

Quinten Isselman


Martijn is a specialist in the technical and spatial aspects of renewable energy, among which yield, safety, spatial feasibility and financial feasibility.

Martijn Maan


Laurens is specialized in GIS and by doing so he charts the opportunities and obstructions for solar and wind initiatives. Furthermore, he works on noise studies for wind energy projects.

Laurens Kik


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