Environmental impact analyses

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European and national legislation require that activities which may have considerable environmental effects go through the environmental impact procedure (EIA). The aim of this procedure is to give the protection of the environment a full-fledged position when it comes to decision-making. The EIA procedure results in an Environmental Impact Analysis. The EIA provides an environmental basis for the preferred alternative (VKA) that is made possible in a zoning plan and/or environmental permit.

Bosch & van Rijn have extensive experience in drafting and coordinating environmental impact analyses. The first provincial integration plan (PIP) for wind energy from Windpark Spui is substantiated with an EIA from us, and the wind locations in the Amsterdam port area Westpoort are also supported by our studies and the EIA. We possess all the necessary knowledge to choose and implement the best and fastest EIA procedure for your project.

MER schema

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