Financial feasibility

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Bosch & van Rijn has developed a financial model that gives a good indication of the costs and benefits of operating a wind farm and solar park. The most important parameters in the model are wind speed, number of hours of sun and purchase costs of the wind turbine and solar panels. In the model, we always process the most recent and accurate data. In addition, we work to ensure layout optimisation for solar parks.

Insight for governments and cooperatives

It is important for governments and energy cooperatives to gain insight into the benefits of a wind or solar project. We calculate different scenarios and determine the financial risks of each phase. Based on this, the Board can make decisions.

For wind farms and solar parks, in addition to SDE+ projects, we also calculate postcode catchment (RVT) projects.

Due diligence wind farms

Bosch & van Rijn can indicate for each wind project – in each phase – the current value (in net cash) of the project. For projects that are from before the permit phase, we not only look at the figures, but also at such issues as political stability, resistance in the environment, participation and chance of success. Because of our experience with project development, we are fully aware of this.

Assessment of building and leasehold contracts

Bosch & van Rijn assesses ground contracts, which in addition to financial aspects also include other conditions.

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